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Argo Adventures is one of Central Iowa’s longest running livery businesses. The company was founded by Brad Argo and Michael LaValle in order to promote the rivers, in and around Des Moines.

The mission for Argo Adventures is to make outdoor recreation fun, accessible and educational. It is our hope to get more people to enjoy and explore the outdoor opportunities that we have here in Iowa. By doing so, more people will understand and appreciate our natural settings and spend more time in or around them.


We are permanently set up in Waterworks for day trips from Walnut Woods but the rest of our trips are mobile. We go to the best rivers in regards to the time of year and water levels. We want to ensure our guests they will come away from every trip with fantastic new memories and a better understanding of the wonderful opportunities we have here in Iowa.


The name Argo Adventures originates with Greek mythology. Although it’s Brad’s last name, that’s not entirely why we’re named Argo.  In Greek mythology ‘Argo' was the ship used by Jason and the Argonauts in their search for the Golden Fleece of Atlantis. Argo also means ‘swift’ in Greek. Personally,


We strive everyday to develop new trips to keep our lives here in Central Iowa active and full of new adventures.


The company was founded in 2012

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